npower and Macmillan

Helping people living with cancer keep warm without the worry


Most of us know someone who’s been affected by cancer. What many of us don’t realise is the financial impact it can have on their day-to-day life.

If you have to stay at home more because of your diagnosis, you could be worried about how much it’s going to cost to heat your home. Those living with cancer spend on average £177 a year more on their energy bills*, as a result of their illness and treatment.

This is where npower, together with Macmillan Cancer Support, might be able to help.

A growing partnership

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Our partnership with Macmillan began in 2004 when our staff voted to make Macmillan our company charity, and we’ve been busy supporting them ever since.

Find out more how our staff are helping Macmillan.

As our fundraising totals grew, we decided we could do even more to lend a hand. Through npower's Macmillan Fund we help customers affected by cancer with their energy bills. We also help fund the Energy Advice Team, which is part of the Macmillan Support Line, and together with our employees we raise money to fund energy grants for people when there’s no other help available.

We’ve committed a further £4m over the next 3 years, so that together we can help those living with cancer concentrate on what’s important - getting better.

npower's Macmillan Fund

Launched in 2007, our Macmillan Fund is the only programme in the UK that caps energy bills and writes off debt for people living with cancer who are struggling with their energy costs.

To date, we’ve cleared £3 million of debt and helped over 3,000 customers, providing worry-free warmth to those that need it most.

Macmillan’s Energy Advice Team

One of the main reasons people call the Macmillan Support Line is to ask for help with their finances. That’s why we help fund Energy Advisors to offer advice and source funding for people living with cancer, regardless of who supplies their energy.

So far the team has helped over 5,000 people and unlocked over
£2 million of funding.

If you’re living with cancer, we may be able to help with your energy bills.

Call Macmillan Cancer Support on 0808 808 00 00 Monday to Friday, 9am to 8pm for more information.

Calling an 0808 number should be free from all mobiles and generally free from all landlines.

*Of the 21% of respondents who say their energy bills have increased as a result of their cancer diagnosis and treatment:

35% have increased by more than £20 per month
25% have increased by £11 to £19 per month
24% have increased by £5 to £10 per month
16% have increased by less than £5 per month

The yearly average increase in energy bills is calculated using the mid-point of each band, £25.00 per month for the ‘more than £20.00 a month’ band, and £2.50 for the ‘less than £5.00 per month’ band. The numbers of people living with cancer diagnosed within the last two years are estimated for UK as those people alive in 2010 with a cancer diagnosis in the last two years. For more information, download Macmillan Cancer Support and Public Health England’s National Cancer Intelligence Network Partnership Work-Plan. 2013. Segmenting the cancer survivor population (XLS, <1MB). Data are sourced and presented in collaboration with the Welsh Cancer Intelligence and Surveillance Unit, Health Intelligence Division, Public Health Wales, Public Health Wales, the Scottish Cancer Registry and the Northern Ireland Cancer Registry.