Changes to our small print

We've made some changes to our residential terms and conditions, which go live on 31st August 2016. The changes do not negatively affect you as a customer, but we wanted to let you know about them as soon as possible.

Please take the time to read through the table below. We know it may not be exciting but it is important to understand the changes we’ve made.

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Heading The changes we’ve made
The following clauses have been updated to take into account the increasing use of smart meters and that meter readings can be taken automatically.
Smart meter related definitions

A new smart energy display definition has been added to explain what smart energy displays are, how they work and what they show.

A smart energy display will be provided when you have a smart meter installed – it will allow you to see your energy consumption on a screen in your home.

The smart meter definition has also been updated to cover not just the meter but its associated equipment which includes the smart energy display unit, communications hub and ancillary equipment.

A link has been provided to Smart Meter Installation Code of Practice in the definition of that code.

About this agreement (Clause 1b)

Your Smart data consent (monthly, daily or half hourly) must be in line with the tariff you’re on.

Charges (Clause 6c)

If we change our prices and you have a functioning smart meter we’ll take a remote meter reading (unless there is a problem doing so) at the appropriate time so we can more accurately reflect when the price change occurred in your next bill.

Meter readings (Clause 8a)

We’ve updated this clause to confirm that if you have a functioning smart meter it’ll provide us with your meter readings remotely, so you don’t need to provide us with a meter reading every 6 months.

Meter readings (Clause 8b)

We’ve added additional wording to make it clear that if you have a functioning smart meter that a remote meter reading should (where available) be used to produce your bill.

Meter readings (Clause 8c)

We’ve updated this clause to clarify that you will only need you to provide us with meter readings if you don’t have a functioning smart meter.

Prepayment meters (Clause 12b)

We’ve clarified for new customers that if we are unable to support their smart functionality we won’t charge for changing from a smart prepayment meter to a traditional prepayment meter.

Instalment plan and payment scheme (Clause 14c)

We’ve clarified that if you are a customer with a smart meter and you fail to make any payment under the instalment plan with us for money you owe, the plan will end and we may change the operating mode on your smart meter to prepayment mode to recover any money you still owe us.

About your meter (Clause 17)

We’ve updated this clause to clarify that damage to a smart meter also includes any associated equipment such as the smart energy display, communications hub and any ancillary equipment.

Access to your meter (Clause 19)

We’ve added wording to make it clear that if we cannot access your smart meter remotely, then we may access your property to convert the meter from a credit to a prepayment meter (or vice versa) or to cut off or reconnect your supply.

Prepayment meters (Clause 20c)

Additional wording has been added to this clause to confirm that if we change your smart meter to prepayment mode, you’ll be provided with a key card and some supplemental terms which will explain how credit can be added to your meter and your meter displays.

Smart meters (Clauses 21a ,b ,c, d, e, f, k, n, o, q, r, s)

The wording has been clarified to make it clear that references to a smart meter include the smart energy display, the communications hub and ancillary equipment. is the new link to access the smart meter installation code of practice.

References to “display” have been corrected to “smart energy display”.

We’ve made it clear for new customers who had a smart prepayment meter installed by their previous supplier that we may need to change their smart meter to a traditional prepayment meter until the functionality is available to change it back to a smart meter set in prepayment mode.

We’ve made it clear if you leave us we’ll change any smart meter set in prepayment mode to credit mode before the switch to another supplier takes place to ensure that you continue to be supplied throughout the switching process.

We’ve made it clear that the various alerts we receive automatically from a smart meter also include alerts about potential tampering.

We’ve clarified that for new customers with a smart meter, we’ll record smart energy consumption data for the purposes set out in clause 21g depending on the level of consent the new customer has agreed to. These options will be provided when the new customer switches to us.

We’re able to provide you with up to 24 months of retrospective smart energy consumption data or for the period we’ve been your supplier if that is shorter.

It’s been made clearer that If you’re a landlord whose supply is under your name, your tenant will have access to the smart energy display in the property and will be able to see how much energy they’re using and the cost of this energy.

Regardless of who the account holder is, all parties living in the property will be able to see and have access to the smart energy display.

If there are multiple meters at the property, we may need to discuss the level of consent and how your smart meter operates if it is set to prepayment mode, as the consent level applying to one meter will be applied to them all.

Cutting off your gas or electricity (Clause 28d)

We’ve made it clear that the reference to meter in this clause now includes a smart meter which can be converted from credit mode to prepayment mode.

Below are other changes we’ve made that are not specific to smart meters:  

We’ve updated the npower group company information to reflect changes to the group company structure. The RWE Generation UK PLC has changed to RWE npower group plc and the company number is now 8241182.

Metering costs (Clause 11a, b & c)

We’ve changed our policy in relation to when we will ask you to pay for certain meter exchanges so we’ve updated clause 11a and inserted 2 new ones (b and c) to clarify what we will charge for and when a meter exchange will be carried out without charge. If you have a non-standard metering arrangement and we agree to exchange your meters you will be required to pay for any re-wiring etc. that may be required as part of that exchange.

Prepayment meters (Clause 12a)

We’ve clarified that we’ll charge you reasonable costs if a prepayment meter is fitted as a fraud prevention measure. Or if we change a credit meter to a prepayment meter at your request more than twice in a 12 month period.

Prepayment meters (Clause 12f)

We’ve outlined what conditions may apply when you ask to exchange a prepayment meter for a credit meter. These conditions are mainly based on your payment, credit history and payment of any outstanding debt before the meter(s) are changed. The meter change should be free of charge but is subject to the reasonable request policy set out in clause 11.

Who owns your meter (Clause 22b)

Additional wording has been added to clarify that you’re responsible for any external meter boxes (including the doors and covers).

Data protection notice (Clause 36a)

This clause has been updated to cover information provided to us by our agents.

How we store and use this information (Clause 37b (iii)

This clause has been updated to clarify that if you have an online account then we may send service notifications to you via this account. Where you are required to have an online account, you cannot opt out of receiving service messages.

How we may share your information with credit reference agencies (Clause 40j) is the new link for

How to make a complaint (Clause 42a)

We’ve removed 0330 100 8628 as calling an 0800 number from a mobile should be free.

Ombudsman Services: Energy (Clause 42e)

If your complaint hasn’t been dealt with via our complaints process and you bought your energy online you are now able to use the European online dispute resolution platform at

Ombudsman Services: Energy (Clause 42e)

The website for the Ombudsman Services: Energy has changed to: